The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

At Rising Phoenix Tattoo we are able to provide all styles of tattooing, black and grey or colour, oriental or tribal, the only limit to your tattoo design is your imagination.

Our artists will custom design every tattoo and encourage you to book for a free consultation.

Expert Artists

All our tattoo artists are expert freehand tattooists with many years experience in the industry. We have an excellent reputation in the area with many of our clients returning again and again for work and most of our new business comes from people who have been recommended to us by their friends.

We are always happy to discuss any aspect of the tattooing process from tattoo design to sterilisation and aftercare. Please don’t hesitate to call us or come in and talk to us about your needs.

Want Ink But Still Got Questions?

No problem. Just pop in for a chat and we can give you some friendly advice.

We offer a free consultation to help you make sure your chosen artwork will translate in the way you expect to your body. With or without a preferred artist we help you choose the right tattooist for the job.

Tattoo FAQs

Find answers to some of our frequently asked questions below. Simply click on the question to expand the answer.

We will give you a quote after your consultation. Larger works will be based on a day rate and flash work is prices per-piece and can sometimes be quoted online via social platforms or email communication. Email us on:

Yes, when undertaken by a qualified artist at a registered studio such as Rising Phoenix Tattoo & Piercing.

Pain is relative and everyone has a different threshold for tolerance. Different areas give different sensations.

Some people will be honest and say yes, others will lie and say no. It really depends on what, where and who. Some compare it to a “hot, scratching” sensation. If it hurt that much though, would people really return time after time for tattoos?

Refer to the aftercare instructions that your tattooist will talk you through.

This is a matter of personal taste and is completely down to you. Obviously it might not be smart to get something offensive in an uncovered place though…

It’s no secret tanning isn’t good for your skin anyway, but tanning is even worse for tattoos. Ultraviolet rays will drain the life out of your tattoo and turn them from brilliant to boring in no time. We always recommend using at least factor 50 on your tattoos.

Age Restrictions

You must be of minimum age 18 to be tattooed. If you are lucky enough to look under 21, you will need to provide ID.

It is ILLEGAL to tattoo persons under 18 years of age, only scratchers and sub standard back street studios tattoo children. Please don’t ask us to tattoo your child.