High Quality UK Jewellery

All jewellery used is from UK manufactured Titanium 6AL-4V, we don’t use jewellery containing nickel or chrome which is commonly found in surgical steel. The only other materials that we will use in fresh piercings are Niobium or PTFE plastic.

All pieces of jewellery are sealed individually and then sterilised with our autoclave with is audited by Excel Healthcare on a regular basis.

Our standards far exceed the requirements laid down by the law. We take a socially responsible attitude in all our dealings with our clients.

Walk Ins Available

Piercings are usually available on a walk-in basis 7 days a week however there may be a small wait depending on demand and we strongly advise calling ahead to ensure availability.

Call us on 01525 217 121 to arrange your booking.

Meet The Piercing Queens

Want A Sweet new Piercing But Got Questions??

No problem. Just pop in for a chat and we can give you some friendly advice.

Tattoo FAQs

Find answers to some of our frequently asked questions below. Simply click on the question to expand the answer.

Piercings are very quick to do and although it will pinch slightly, clients describe the process not as bad as they were expecting it to be.

All piercings are performed with single use, sterilised, surgical needles. They are extremely sharp which makes the whole process as painless as possible. We do not use ‘piercing guns’ whatsoever as these use blunt jewellery to pierce with causing extreme trauma to the body and increases healing times and in some cases results in a piercing not to heal.

We would advise that you avoid swimming for at least 2 weeks, however if you are still not healed then check back with us for guidance.

Infections are most commonly the result of improper aftercare. By sticking to the aftercare guidance provided, infections are extremely rare. Some people take longer to heal and therefore continuing the aftercare past the suggested time frame might be required; however over cleaning and under cleaning is to be avoided. Stick with the aftercare instructions given to you after your piercing.

Age Restrictions

We pierce responsibly at Rising Phoenix Tattoo and have strict age restrictions in place.

If you are lucky enough to look under 20, you will need ID.

*With a parent/guardian present and consent form signed.