JOE FINAL- Web-1936 x 1936-100

About Joe Bennett

Joe has been a full Resident Artist at Rising Phoenix Tattoo since March 2019 after completing his apprenticeship with PJ.

Joe has always enjoyed drawing and for as long as he can remember loved the look of tattoos, so it was clear to that this would be the perfect career for him!

Thanks to social media, Joe was able to see the work from amazing tattoo artists around the world, who were pushing the boundaries and creativity of tattooing. After seeing the endless possibilities of styles and ideas this inspired Joe to leave his job of 7 years as a carpenter and get involved!

Joe is excited to tattoo in all styles, however I’m naturally drawn to black and grey. Realism, Surrealism and abstract designs fascinate him and Joe is looking forward to expressing these styles in his work.

I’m a perfectionist and will always give 100 percent in everything I do. I love this job and I find myself constantly thinking of ways to improve and better myself. I love being part of such a fun and enthusiastic team at Rising Phoenix. There are always opportunities to learn and having artists around me varying in styles has given me the best opportunities to continually improve.

I look forward to working with you and being able to bring your ideas to life.

Joe Bennett


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