daiana reyes

About Daiana Reyes

I’ve always loved everything about art and culture and from the moment I was old enough to get a tattoo, it sparked my interest in the industry.

I knew since then I wanted to be a tattoo artist and make people’s ideas come to life on their skin. I worked very hard over the years on my portfolio, researching studios. I approached and was successful in landing an apprenticeship with my ideal mentor PJ at in Rising Phoenix Tattoo.

I spent the first 6 months shadowing PJ and learning the fundamentals of tattooing and business. Later on I started practicing on fake skin and in November 2023 I began doing small tattoos. Little by little, under the watchful eye of my mentor PJ I started doing small black and grey, colour and ornamental tattoos.

Currently I’m offering flash design to build my portfolio and also taking on small custom pieces agreed with PJ to expand my portfolio. I would love to do color pieces but also black and grey. I love to tattoo flowers, animals, fungi and bugs; anything related to nature! I also enjoy ornamental tattoos, fine line and pointillism.

Daiana Reyes


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