Northampton Tattoo Convention 2017

Last weekend we worked The Northampton Tattoo Convention and once again had an amazing time! From start to finish Nigel and Sue organise such a well prepared show which means every studio can work and enjoy every minute!

PJ & Kamen Setting up the booth

The Weekend Begins….

We headed over on the Friday evening to set up and nearly didn’t make it when PJs Oldsmobile broke down on the way blocking the entire road…! Back on track we got to the convention and prepared the booth for the weekend.

Surrounded by our wonderful Tattoo Famalam from local studios we enjoyed day one with of course a few drinks along the way in true RPT style.  That evening we packed out the local Chinese and had a lovely meal with our friends with of course shots along the way!

Sunday; Awards Day

Sunday saw more of our friends and family coming along to support us as usual which we cannot thank them enough!! Brilliant day ended with the most fantastic results for all the Rising Phoenix boys by winning awards!

Faces of Northampton Tattoo Convention

The Award Winners…

The Award Winners

…And Their Award Winning Pieces.

Thank You

PJ and I want to take this opportunity to thank our entire team, family and friends for all their dedication and support the past couple of months we love you very much.

Our thanks go out to our Sponsors Tattooland Supplies and Quantum Tattoo Inks who have and continue to support our entire studio!

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